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Duplicated PDF templates are emptied

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  • Duplicated PDF templates are emptied

    Hello everyone

    I don't know if this is a mistake or intentional.

    I often copy an existing PDF template because I need a similar one for another entity.
    I have noticed that the content is then deleted.

    Select an existing PDF template, via the menu -> Duplicate
    And as soon as you change the entity type, the content and the header are deleted.
    However, CSS, margin data and page orientation remain.

    Is this intentional or not?

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    Hi, This is intentional.


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      I see the reason for intentionally deleteing the content of the copied template, but I also often copy templates from one entity to another. For example an invoice template is very similar to a sales order or quote template.
      Sure, the field names are different but I am aware of that.
      I usually copy the content from a finished template to the new one after duplicating. I put in the (wrong) tagged code and alter the tags referring to the current entity..
      So actually I have a wrong tagged template after duplicating, but the procedure is the same as it would be with a fully duplicated template, only one manual step between.


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        Thank you, that answers my question.
        Now I know that it is intentional.‚Äč