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Field condition is not effective

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  • Field condition is not effective

    I have added a field called "conditional options" for entities. For example, I have an enum field for "Brand" and another enum field for "Colour." Ideally, when I select a brand, only the corresponding "conditional options" for colour should be displayed. This functionality works for all modules except opportunity items. I need this to work on opportunity items as well. Can you help me identify the issue?

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    Opportunity Items is a separate entity, not an enum field (for which "conditional options" are available).


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      Yes, i know. In Opportunity item module i have created this fields.


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        However, in your case, you can use the Copying values ​​from product to opportunity item feature. The documentation describes how to do this using the example of Sales Order Items:

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          victor For example please refer the screenshot. If i select Brand = K GAJA,( Another Enum field Called BRAND) it should only show the added options, But it is showing entire options in this Enum field. This is the one of the main issue i am facing now. This is working in all other module other than opportunity Item. Can you please help me?
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            For example, 3 Enum fields,
            1 > Brand - Brand 1, Brand 2
            2 > Colour - Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Black
            3 > Grade - Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4

            If i Select Brand 1 in Enum Brand, It should show Blue and Yellow in Enum Colour, Grade 2 and Grade 3 in Enum Grade.


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              Dynamic Logic is NOT applied on the list view.
              Opportunity Items for Opportunity are displayed exactly in List format. So, the functionality you want cannot be implemented and this means that you have to implement the solution from the last paragraph of this post: or fill in the data manually in each Opportunity Item.