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make certain linked values read only

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  • make certain linked values read only

    I have an entity, where the user can store values to be linked to another entity. I want there some values by default, which the user should not be able to manipulate as I use these values in formulas of another entity.
    I know, that I can make the whole field readOnly, but this would prevent the main reason for this solution as I want the user to be able to store his own values, what wouldn`t be possible anymore in that case.
    So I made a condition, where a certain value of the field sets the condition to itself by limiting the possibility to edit only, if the name of the value is not as the condition states.
    To explain better:

    The default values of field1 are A, B and C, the user sets D, E, F..... and whatever he wants. So I set the condition to if field1 matches a, B, or C, the field would be readOnly. But that does not have an effect, as I see.

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    you can use dynamic handler for such things, it much easier and you can even inject acl there for more granular control. if you share more details i might provide with some code. entity name, field etc feel free to message me if the info is not be published publicly.


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      Hi rabii, I appreciate your (as always) generous offer, but meanwhile I found a solution, which works simple and without coding. I used another field, which (shortly said), does it make not necessary to create a readOnly condition. This other field simply adds an attribute exactly to the values, which I need in my formula to make them work. So in other words, only when a value has that attribute, the formula will act.


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        glad you got it sorted