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Not able import Assigned user

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  • Not able import Assigned user

    While importing i am not able to assign user with their name, if i'm using their ID i am able to import it. what will be the issue?

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    Hi Ashif Malayil,

    I can't reproduce your issue.

    Here is the code of my CSV file:
    test,Test Test

    When I import this file into an EspoCRM instance, a record with the test name linked to the Test Test user is successfully created. This does not depend on whether I import a default entity or a custom one.

    Please tell me which EspoCRM version are you using? Are there any formulas, workflows, BPMs associated with the imported record in your instance? Perhaps you have some code customizations?​


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      version is 8.0.3, No workflows or BPMs associated with this, We do have Assigned User Name and (ID), These are the Two available option to map Assigned user in an Entity. I am able to do it when i am using User ID. But i created one more name field in User Entity. Other than that nothing much.