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  • Twilio recordings

    I read in the VoIP release notes that Twilio module now stores recordings on our own storage.

    Please help me understand few things:

    1. Can I disable Twilio recordings because now we have them in the system (locally)?
    2. Where they are stored?
    3. How can I redirect the folder that they are being stored to?
    4. Can we use AWS S3 to store/retrieve recordings?

    Thank you.

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    Hi Russ,

    The reason for this change in the VoIP Integration extension work for Twilio were changes directly to the Twilio API, which were introduced from the beginning of 2024.
    To access call recordings, Twilio has now begun to require basic authentication, so for further ease of use of VoIP Integration extension, we have found a solution to download call recordings directly into EspoCRM. Now you can find them in the instance attachments, and on the server they are stored in the {ESPOCRM_ROOT}/data/upload folder.

    In order to have access to call recordings, you do not need to disable the checkboxes that relate to them. In this regard, everything remains the same.
    Since call recordings are stored with all other EspoCRM attachments, they can be transferred to another storage (for example, AWS S3) only with all other attachments.​


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      thanks, lazovic


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        lazovic, Please help.

        ESPO 8.1.5.
        VoIP 1.27.0

        I made a call today (Mar 11), recording is still routes to twilio, not to our internal folder (server URL).

        Am I doing something wrong? I checked VoIP settings, couldn't find anything

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          May be you guys know, how to make it work as mentioned in the last update?

          * Added a new field to upload call recordings into EspoCRM.​'

          espcrm victor, lazovic (sorry for summoning you guys)


          • espcrm
            espcrm commented
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            Sorry I dont use Twilio but look like it is resolved!

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          Looks like recording now appear in the attachments view, however, the list view and detail view of the call are still requesting details from twilio api
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          • victor
            victor commented
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            - Please try reinstalling VoIP Integration extension 1.27.0.
            - Disable and enable integration with Twilio in Administration > Integrations > VoIP » Twilio.
            - Press "Test Connection".
            - Refresh the page.

            If the "call are still requesting details from twilio api" problem persists after these steps, enter "Your Account SID" and "Your Auth Token".
            Is the one-time entry of "Your Account SID" and "Your Auth Token" enough for you?
            Last edited by victor; 03-13-2024, 12:47 AM.

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          It worked, thanks