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Selecting Different PDF Engines for Individual Templates in Espo CRM

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  • Selecting Different PDF Engines for Individual Templates in Espo CRM

    Dear Espo Team,
    I hope this message finds you well.
    I wanted to bring to your attention an issue I've encountered while using DomPDF. I have designed one of the templates in TCPDF, and when attempting to utilize the new PDF engine, DomPDF, there are some elements breaking in the rendering process. Additionally, DomPDF lacks support for Nepali fonts. I've discovered that an alternative PDF engine, mPDF, does support and properly renders Nepali (Devanagari fonts). Therefore, I am considering implementing mPDF for my Nepali templates. However, an obstacle arises when integrating mPDF into Espo CRM, as it affects the rendering of other templates I am currently using.
    In light of this challenge, I'd like to request a feature enhancement. I understand that the Espo Team is quite occupied with various tasks, but implementing this feature would significantly enhance the customer experience.
    Specifically, the feature I am seeking is the ability to select different PDF engines for different templates. Presently, while we can switch between various PDF engines, the selected engine applies universally to all templates. Enabling the capability to choose distinct PDF engines for individual templates would greatly benefit users who were previously reliant on TCPDF. This enhancement would provide the flexibility to opt for different PDF engines that support the respective templates perfectly.
    Moreover, if this feature were implemented, it would allow different customers to add different PDF engines that support their home country languages. This would cater to a diverse range of users, ensuring better compatibility and support for various languages, thereby enhancing the overall user experience for a global clientele.
    Your consideration of this extended feature request would be immensely appreciated and would greatly assist in overcoming the challenges faced with PDF rendering in Espo CRM.
    Thank you for your attention to this matter.
    Best regards,

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    As this feature is not implemented (and I'm not sure whether it will be), a developer can bind a custom extended Espo\Tools\Pdf\Service (via Binding, see DI in docs), passing an engine from the Template entity. They will need also to add a field 'engine' to the Template entity type.