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Request for Internal Chat System Feature in Espo CRM

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  • Request for Internal Chat System Feature in Espo CRM

    Dear Developers of Espo CRM,

    I am writing to request a new feature for our CRM system. Specifically, I would like to see an internal chat system added to Espo CRM that would function similarly to popular messaging platforms like Messenger. With this chat system, we would be able to easily share files, send photos, and exchange text messages and voice notes. Additionally, it would be helpful if the chat system included pusher and sound notifications to ensure timely communication and collaboration between team members.

    Therefore, I kindly request that you consider adding this feature to the Espo CRM. I believe that it would greatly enhance our team's ability to collaborate effectively and streamline our communication processes.

    Thank you for your consideration.
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    You might want to look at this extension:


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      Dear Telecastg, telecastg

      I wanted to express my gratitude for your recommendation of the extension. However, I am currently seeking a real-time chat application that includes popup sound notifications. I require functionality that allows me to know whether a message has been read or unread, as well as features such as online and offline status indicators. If a user is offline, I also need to be able to see their last seen status.

      In addition to the above requirements, I also need the ability for users to share files, record audio, and send voice notes within the chat application.

      Thank you for your assistance.

      Best regards,


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        It is great that what you want but honestly I doubt we get any time soon. You be waiting for quite a while... think 1-5 years time frame.

        With that information, you decide on what you want to do.

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        You are very welcome sapyantuk