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After a brief examination. Here my comments and suggestions for improvements!

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  • After a brief examination. Here my comments and suggestions for improvements!

    Hi guys,
    First i want to say Great Job! EspoCrm looks good, feeling well! and it seems going at the good direction.
    ​i will introduce myself, my name is ruslan, i am microsoft dynamic crm expert and IT.

    Here is my sugastions based on my years of experience.

    First, if you have road map make sure to release this to the public so we can see what planned when, if you don't have one, consider to create one.

    Second, i didn't see any change logs in one place. it will be great to see all the things you have fixed and added in one file or one place (at the blog or forum).

    Espo Crm missed couple of "must Have" entities(modules)

    1. Quotes, when opportunity is "warm" and the client wants our product/service this is the time to send our client Quote for approval.

    2. Orders, when the client approved the quote we have send him, this is the time to send our contract to the client to sign(to approve the order) and convert opportunity to order (based on quotes products). when the "quote products" was mapped to "order products" we need to have the ability to change/delete or create new product (many time the client wants to change something or add something).

    3. Invoices, when the order is approved we want to map by one click all the order products to invoice products and start working on the invoice until we will print the invoice to the client.
    invoice model need to have two options: "invoice" and "credit invoice".
    * important notice, must have different prefix(ascending) for invoices and credit invoices.

    * when invoice or credit invoice printed the invoice entity must become ready only without the option the change thins( otherwise it will not be good for Tax authorities).
    4. Invoices/Quotes template, will allow us to create different invoices/quote in the different languages. also it will allow us to customize all the invoice look. like: logo,company info,client info, print some data from fields and etc...

    5. Projects - project is one of the most important entity. here we can create all the projects we need to do for customers or for our company.
    this entity must be with relationship with all others.
    every project can have many of taste until he will finish and many cases and many tickets and etc...

    6.Company (Newsletter System) - with this model every business should get new leads. this model need to have couple things:
    * new entity to create Campaign with all the data we need, second, create email list (from contacts,or from dynamic list by filters,or static list by upload file), email templates(this is something that already exist in EspoCrm) and the last is "email bouncing" where you can see all the statistics. witch use have open,witch one click,witch email dosenot exsist and etc...
    * another good option is to allow create couple of smtp servers to send to different company with deferred smtp server.

    7. Finance (Financial Transactions) - this model is one of the most important add ons to manage all our Incomes and expenses.
    here we need to be able to see all Incomes based on paid invoices, or future income based on recurring invoices(like if we provide service like hosting, then we need to make recurring invoice for client for every month).
    the other one is for expenses, its work in the same way. we can add all your expenses and if we have expenses that we need tp pay every month will all do it as recurring expenses.
    at the end we need to see how much we have Incomes and expenses.
    another report we need is "Tax" how much tax we need to pay.
    and much more for this model.

    8. Groups - every entity must have the option to create groups. leads groups, customers groups and etc...for example i want to know witch of the lead are "seo", cars parts and etc.. this will better management data.

    9. Notes - this is very useful addon that must be added to all entities (tasks,leads etc...) the way the staff can speak each with other, client can add note to his project(when client portal will be on) and etc...

    10. Views - Views is great model to see exact data from no matter what entity and field in one table. Views must have the option to create "system view" and "private view".
    "system view" can be assign to team and all the team will see all the "system view" that was created for this team.
    "private view" everyone can create his own view that only the user will see.
    **** all "system view" or "private view" may be selected to appear in the main dashboard for every user. every user can add or select the views he need to see in his dashboard.

    11. Workflows/Dialogs this is one of the most powerful tool in crm. Workflows allow you to create logic works automatically when something's happened (trigger)
    for example: when new lead created: do something..., when status change to: do something.... when invoice paid, send email. and etc...

    Dialogs are great way to make things happen based on user choose or allow user to fill the data he need in the dialog and then all the data will be updated where is need to be updated.
    fox example: i can create dialog for "call to lead" in the dialog i will write all the text for all the steps during the call for sales person, in the the dialog the sales person can fill all the client info and based on this info contact will be created and the phone call will be changed to "made" and some workflow start to work (all this after the dialog has finished)

    12. Client Portal - this is must have addons to work with the clients in the best way. in the client portal we need to show to the client the next data:
    client info, client projects(tasks and notes), related notes(all the notes from tasks,projects,tickets. notes will be shown only if the note is not marked as private)client tickets(and allow to open new one or reply to exist one),client invoices(paid,or need to be paid),

    Files (file manager) is a good way to see/search all the files that was uploaded to crm. in the file manager we need to be able create folder and then assign entity to folder.
    for example if i created folder name leads. i want all files that attached to lead will be uploaded to this folder. other useful info to see in file manager is: who uploaded the files, when,file size and etc... also it will be great to add description to file and to be able to see the file in the "preview".

    14. History Log - history log will record all the changes made by record. for example: if i created lead, and then other staff come to the lead and change some data in the field i want to know
    ​ that. so if something goes wrong we can go to history log and see who was change, what was change, when it was change, old data, new data etc...

    15. Dynamically created new entities with the ability to create relationship with other entities. which will allow to every one create all the entities the business need.
    for example: websites entity, where i can manage all clients websites. every website will be connected to client and task and etc...

    16. Backup module - must have to backup all the database. also it must be with option to backup remotely to dropbox or another service.

    17. To-do is model to allow to every user organized his day,week with to-do list.

    18. Affiliate is a great addon to make more sales. every user/stuff can acts also as affiliate. this can work in this way. for example:
    in the contacts and users will be "checkbox" is affiliate? if the checkbox is checked, it will show another 2 fields. affiliate commission in percentage and affiliate link.
    this data also can be created or viewed in affiliated entity. there you can see all the leads that was created from every affiliate. and of course much more tools for management this addon.
    *** also when lead will be created and this lead come true affiliate then in the lead entity this need to be field with affiliate name***

    19. Manager, for all team group must be manager. to all stuff must be a manager. when some stuff/team assign to some record (task for example) the manager must see it and know about it.

    *** all the info i have write is global for any business no matter what the business sale, every business must or may work with all this addons. ***

    wow its took my cpouple of good hours to invegaste the EspoCrm and see what need to be add or improved. of course i can write more, but for now it's more than enough to make this crm role!

    if you need help and Consulting to improve the Espocrm to the direction and another level! fill free to contact me.

    Waiting for your reply to know what do you think on my all suggestions, what of the suggestions you are going to create and add to EspoCrm and when it will be?

    and best luck,
    Ruslan Nipo

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    Hi Ruslan

    Some things from the list are already implemented, some on roadmap. Thank you.
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      H i Yuri,
      glad to help.

      can you provide the road map? what will be added and when.



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        Will publish roadmap on our website tomorrow.


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          I have been installing today and I am currently working on it.

          I have a feature request which has been listed into this thread, so I +1 it: this is about the Email (marketing) campaign, or something approaching.
          When I create a contact, I don't always have a specific task, but I might need to include him into a list of contacts and assign a task to this list. Mostly, this will be sending a mail to this list of contact. For instance, when I create a contact, I decide if I will send him a mail for the 2015 new year. Currently, the unique way I can do this is creating a specific Team and assign this contact to the team.
          Now this could be any other action, like this person did participate to a webinar and I want to note it as an activity.

          If I may allow a comment about the (long) list of feature requests in the 1st of this post, I would put any finance/commercial (orders, invoices, etc.) into a lesser level of priority. I installed EspoCRM because I tried other ones before that propose this kind of functionalities but are really to complex for my personal usage. So I would recommand to prioritize first CRM features versus ERP features.

          Best regards.


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            You need Target Lists as I understand. And Mass Email?


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              I don't need to generate automatically a specific email for all the contacts of a list (so as much emails than people in the list), but to generate one unique email with all the contacts emails in blind copy. Which is something I can do easily if I can export the emails of this list into a CSV file for example.

              I am not sure what you call a Target List, but the idea is to create a relationship between an activity and a list of contacts. This activity can be a call or an email. For instance, I want to announce a new offer. Some people I will try to call in order to get a meeting to present them this new offer, some other I will just send a mail.


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                Yuri, i did not see in the road map "backup" plugin. this is not something that must have?


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                  Ruslan, not sure. It's not a problem to make backup for server administrator.


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                    Yuri, any plans to implement CASE email reply? for example, I send email to I receive confirmation that my email is recevied and case number is created. However if I reply to that email a new dublicate case number is created. It would be great if customer replies to email with case number CRM will add record to stream with email details.


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                      It should add new email to existing case. Did you have case number in subject when replied?


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                        Is there a roadmap anywhere we can review?

                        We are going to migrate over from sugar in the next couple of months and as part of that will allocate some dev resource. I’d like to contribute back anything of value if possible.

                        Our priority will be an integration with our in-house quotation tool but hopefully we can do this in a way that adds value to others.

                        I’m thinking about a module that allows a connection to a 3rd party api / sql, passes across variables and renders back data as a native sub table...

                        Alternative is a module that passes a variable and renders an iframe (as sugar does - and how we integrate at the moment).

                        let me know if anyone has a better idea.


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                          We don't have roadmap available. The only place with information about furure releases here: