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  • "Internal" posts in stream

    There are very helpful feature in stream of CASES - "Internal" posts. It would be nice to have it as feature in any streams at Tasks, Quotes, Opportunities and etc.
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    It should be possible by adding a metadata parameter in client defs:

    Create a file:


        "allowInternalNotes": true
    Clear cache.


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      Thank you yuri we'll try to do so for each entity, but ideal solution would be to have "stream" with "internal" posts by default in any entity.


      • yuri
        yuri commented
        Editing a comment
        I don't think so, as most entity types are not ever to be exposed to the portal. Having a feature that always is shown but does nothing contributes to clunkiness of the system. There's no coded logic to know whether the entity type (and its stream) is exposed to the portal or not to be able to show/hide it based on that.

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      You might want to check our extension, which allows you to create public and private Chats on each record as side panels.


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        In this case I would rise a question should steam be visible for Portal users as well, there are a lot of internal information is written as well. Might be Chat or similar entity could be an optician, and sream leave only internal. On another hand it's useful when customers can see what is going on, just in this case I have no idea how to make some systems records be visible as internal