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  • Primary entity for a email

    It would be good to have assign the primary entity for e-mail. in such case the system would know to whom assign incoming e-mails relations if it first time income. Now it assign random Accounts or Contacts if it has the same email in it.

    If it's unique account/contact there are no issues, but I need a solution to manage situations when we have to leave same email per few accounts/contacts ("support@" as example for few tech supporters-contact or "info@" for several branches-account). Ideal solution is to assign one contact/account as primary.

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    I could not understand. From the next version email it's possible to have a custom parent finder for imported emails
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      yuri to reproduce situation please try to create 10 Accounts and 5 contacts with the same email adress. Than send mail to CRM’s Account from that email and try to guess to wich exact entity The incomming email will be asigned.


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        It's not clear the solution you suggested.


        • partomas
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          My suggestion is to show all related entities at #Admin/emailAddresses and add option to set one of them as primary. In this case the first time incoming mails could be assigned to that entity by default.