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Sales Pack: Ability to select/add multiple products.

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  • Sales Pack: Ability to select/add multiple products.

    We have hundreds of products and when we create an opportunity / quote / sales order (with items list) we have add a product by product on the items list and it takes a very long time to create just one quote especially when the quote consist of more than 50 products, it is very difficult for us and we would really appreciate if an option is added which will allow to select 1 or multiple products at once and just add them directly into any of the entities (opportunity items list - quote items list - sales order items list). please this is very important for us as we are struggling creating quotes / sales order and even opportunities with hundreds of product list items.

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    Perhaps a "Group" mode should be add as an update. For example:

    Package 1
    Package VIP
    Package Basic

    These group can be edit with individual item, then selected and it will populate the data.

    Anyway hopefully your feature request goes through.


    • rabii
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      hope so i mean it is difficult now to create any quote with many products just selecting product by product is very time consuming.

    • espcrm
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      I think one work-around (I don't have the Extension) is to create a new field and call it "Category" then you can filter and quickly add mass product from there?