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[Feature Request] [v7.2] Inline preview for PDF

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  • [Feature Request] [v7.2] Inline preview for PDF

    Feature Request: View PDF inside EspoCRM without having to open it in a new tab.

    Issue: All PDF will get either open as a new tab (?) to view within the browser or file to download.

    User case: I was trying to get a list of Browser that support PDF inline or Built-in PDF Viewer to support this feature request but It look like not a vast majority yet. Looking at this chart here, we seem that Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Opera all support it. But look like Mobile browser, it quite bleak, only Safari on iOS and some unknown (for me) QQ Browser.
    web browser compatibility support html css svg html5 css3 opera chrome firefox safari internet explorer

    Discussion: This will help make browsing PDF documents easier, but it might get get reject because (1) not enough browser support yet, (2) it will mean more code to maintain and more 'pop-up' inside EspoCRM.