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    I would like to ask you if it would be possible to add advanced filtering in reports. Basically, add more options to filter reports.

    For example, I would like to filter reports by Assigned User.teams CONTAINS "SomeTeam". I need to use the filter Assigned User ANY OF[list of users] which takes much longer than filtering by the team would take.

    At the moment there are some user attributes that could be used for filtering. However, I am missing the important ones.

    Is there any reason why such filtering is not there atm, please?

    Thanks a lot
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    Hey, anyone that could tell me why there are no filters mentioned above, please? It would help me a lot


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      It's not implemented and it's not that easy to implement.
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        Hello yuri

        Ah okay, I understand.

        Is there by any chance workaround using the formula instead?

        Thank you


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          I don't think so. Such report would require sub-queries in SQL I think.


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            OK never mind, this is low priority thing because it has at least possible workarounds.

            I am now struggling with a more important problem I would need to solve atm.


            Lazovic is already trying to help me, but so far with no luck.

            Thanks a lot for the information and help!


            • yuri
              yuri commented
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              I'm developer but spend too much time providing support that I should not do. Often work from early morning to late evening w/o weekends. Everyday I get into many issues of our users instead of spending my time on product development. I plan to phase out my participation on the forum and customer support activity for the sake of my sanity and the product development.

            • Jakub Grufik
              Jakub Grufik commented
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              Completely understandable! I can imagine that you are overloaded af and you cannot focus on more important things such as development of the product instead of spending time on the forum trying to resolve every ticket.

              Wish you luck and success man! Good job, keep it up!