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Ability to Transfer an Account's Contacts when Changing its Assigned User

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  • Ability to Transfer an Account's Contacts when Changing its Assigned User

    This feature would be such a game changer!

    In our Inside Sales team, sometimes reps come and go, and sometimes even sales territories can change around. Everytime one of these situations occur we need to re-assign Accounts based on specific criteria like State field or Zip Code, or maybe even Industry Code. It becomes complicated quickly when we ALSO need to re-assign all the applicable Contacts for those Account which are being re-assigned, as we need to also mimic the same filter criteria from Accounts to Contacts, which don't share some fields of course.

    The better way around this we've found is creating a Report that pulls the Contacts based on Account-based filters. This works well but it's still additional steps.

    What would be incredibly helpful is if there was some way you could tell CRM to also changed Assigned User for the Contacts of the Accounts which you already changing the Assigned User for. Re-Assignments can only be done via Mass Update functionality, so not sure how this type of addition can follow suit with the GUI. Maybe it becomes necessary to add a "Reassign" button in the List View's multi-select Actions button which would perform asking the user if Contacts are also desired to be reassigned.

    Attached is image of how this functionality worked in our previous CRM, Zoho. When changing Account assignment the UI asked you what related record modules associated with the Accounts you wanted to also move. Pretty nice functionality when you're used to it!

    ​​Click image for larger version

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