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Sales Extension: Delivery Notes, Commercial Invoicing, etc

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  • Sales Extension: Delivery Notes, Commercial Invoicing, etc

    I'm not sure what the future holds for the Sales Extension but it would be quite nice to have a more complete solution with extra things such as Delivery Notes, Commercial Invoices, Credit Notes, etc. This would at least complete the sales pipeline.

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    I would like to back this. Creating delivery notes and proforma invoices (that do not increment the numberA counter as they are not numbered) from Sales Orders would be an incredible help.

    I'd also create these document types myself with custom entities and relationships but the actual integration into the UI is what exceeds my capabilites. That is probably, why Sales is a paid expansion.



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      You could setup the entities, etc. OK, but the issue would probably be at the back-end, so you would likely need the Advanced Pack, regardless. (The user interface would also have to look and function reasonably well, but there are a couple of third-party extensions that could help with that).

      With any "free" product such as Espo, there has to be pieces of the picture not included, to enable monetization by the creators ... which is only fair. Otherwise, there is no incentive to further-develop the product.


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        Mark G. I fully agree with the EspoCRM pricing model. Considering CRM "alternatives" it is more than fair.

        Modifying the backend is not what I actually whan to do. I would just love to have these small features integrated into Sales orders: generating delivery notes and delivery invoices. And I hope for either the devs reading this thread and considering this wish for the next update or for someone providing a handy DIY solution for this.