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  • telecastg
    Adding to item response, there is sometimes confusion regarding sending / receiving SMS with Espo.

    In order to do that your need 2 things:

    1) The software inside Espo to communicate with an outside SMS gateway and manage what happens when you send or receive a message.

    2) The SMS gateway which can be a paid service like Twilio or an SMS in-house gateway, which can be a modified cell phone or hardware (GSM modem) that has a SIM card and uses your cell phone provider service to send and receive SMS.

    Essentially an SMS gateway connects the internet to the GSM network.

    To satisfy the first requirement you can use the VoIP extension, or use the Advanced Pack to create http requests to the SMS gateway, or purchase emillod extension, or if you prefer to do it yourself, create the code to enable and manage the communication between Espo and your SMS gateway.

    There is really no way to send "free SMS". Some carriers will accept http requests to forward an email "message" as SMS to their subscribers but my understanding is that you will need to define the specific domain for each carrier and not all of them provide this facility.
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  • item
    maybe is a opportunity to yuri for create a sms provider

    Send sms cost, it's not espocrm dependant.. are you OK for pay maybe +- 0,06euro / sms ?
    EspoCrm is ready for all provider..


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  • Danny
    started a topic Bulk/Mass SMS

    Bulk/Mass SMS

    Hi team,

    It would be great to have Sending Mass SMS in Espo beside Mass Email.