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Anyone else find the Yes & Cancel buttons are the wrong way around?

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  • Anyone else find the Yes & Cancel buttons are the wrong way around?

    In every other application I'm used to Yes/OK being on the right and Cancel being on the left.

    I confuses my mouse muscle-memory every time!

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    There's no consensus. Most of apps I use have Yes on the left. I have Yes on the left on Windows 10 too.


    • marcusquinn
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      Some examples from Mac and this Forum. Confirm buttons are always on the right and Cancel on the left.

      I'm not sure what dialog that is on Windows but it seems very odd to me.

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      I can show screenshots with opposite order. Please try to google this topic, there's no need to persuade me that Cancel/Save is prevalent. It's not.


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        It would be very very bad decision to swap the order at this moment. So I don't see the point of discussing it here. I spend too much time on Espo, need more rest.


        • marcusquinn
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          I understand. We'll have a look at it separately. Please rest and I'll do my best to bring more help to the cause, your work is more than good enough to reserve the right or prerogative on anything. Thanks for replying, if this suggestion isn't for you I hope that others still are. You've answered with a view I did not have and that's more than enough. Thank you.

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        marcusquinn, you are member of this forum for about a month and I observe lots of feature requests for a software, that is provided for free for all of us.
        Despite not having to pay anything, we are able to do a lot of very different things with it, things, that - at least I can tell for me - I never thought would be possible for a person, who is not a developer.
        To be able to achieve all what I and for sure a lot of other members of this forum are able to achieve, this forum is a great place for help, contribution and discussion. I rarely saw a specialized forum with so many helpful and not at all arrogant members. Compared to some other software or programming related forums, this here is a spa.
        Perhaps in the short time, you are using the software and this forum, you did not have enough time to recognize that. I encourage you to write your problems here, try to solve them with the help of others (and be sure, you will get help) and do not fill the threads with endless demandings, of what you think, this software should offer.
        As you would see on the long haul for sure is, that espoCRM is a very well thought system or you may call it even a framework, a framework for all your ideas, what a database could do for you. And in the end you will not have a mere database, but a real application.
        If you acknowledge the lots of work, that the developer and his team put into this during the last years, you will have no doubt, that espoCRM is an exceptional piece of software. I am very grateful, that there are developers, who provide us with such thing. I have to struggle sometimes a lot, but I smiled a lot also, because when I had an idea, in the end it was possible.
        It might be true, that in many cases, there could be made improvements, there could be features implemented in another way or the whole software could be extended to yet more. But all this need: ideas, thinking, manpower and time. And discussions in this forum help for solutions also. This forum is one of the very few, where you find the developer reading and answering, where people of the team provide short time help and whre skilled members don`t hide their secrets.
        So be more patient and less demanding. Let`s avoid opinionated discussions about, how and where and in which color a button has to be. It is really not important.
        If it is for you, nobody holds you back, to develop or let develop it for you. espoCRM expressively permits that.
        And if after exploring espoCRM thoroughly and coming to the conclusion, it should be totally reconstructed, perhaps you might also come to the conclusion, that a better software for you can be found elsewhere.

        I apologize, if my words seem to be a bit harsh.


        • marcusquinn
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          Perhaps your unrelated interjection should have a post of its own to discuss but I'll answer here for now:

          I'm buying many licenses - if these things are polished up I'll be able to sell many more - post and suggestions are just that - but I do not expect everything or anything for nothing.

          I have 20 years web business experience with multi-million pound ecommerce, I'm comfortable that I know what I'm talking about, asking for, what's reasonable, achievable and what's not.

          I can bring a team of 10+ very experienced web application developers to the platform if it works well. If the core team can't get through these things I will get them done as options for our stack.

          I certainly don't expect the core team to do everything. I'm accustomed to agile project management, where it's considered good to log all issues as separate posts and have large amounts of small tickets to be aware of interests and then prioritise as is important to the most people.

          Put a price on each thing if you are a developer - I'll pay - I'm not here for anything for free, and neither is my experience invaluable.

          I have complimented EspoCRM significantly here and in many other places, I'm not sure what you are defending here, as feedback and testing is just as valuable time in development, so the developers can focus on their roadmap and targets.

          Perhaps you misunderstand that Posts are records of feedback. I'm posting them openly here instead of privately, for the benefit of all users, plus the developers I can bring to the platform to work on these suggestions if the core team can't.

          You are correct, we can and will contribute to the core codebase also, as we have significantly many times for many open-source projects.

          I'm well accustomed to small open-source development forums, and you'll find me active and contributing on the Cloudron forum, as well as singing the praises of EspoCRM.

          Please do comment on all my posts if you wish, I'd prefer if it were on the subject of the post itself. If you have found no value from any of my posts or feedback, I'm sorry for that, they are all with good intent for both the platform and its creators. I don't misunderstand or underestimate how precious development time is and fully hope to contribute more wherever it can help.
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        • telecastg
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          I agree 100% with you shalmaxb

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        i respond because "Anyone else find" title, don't forget, i use google translate for understand

        On mac the only where Yes is on left is : when you download un-idenfiedied developper .. so "confidieantality/security" .. open anyway is left.
        So the question is if i understand : Save button must be right ?
        I don't think.. it's my experiment.

        The question is (with my print-sreen) :

        i have clicked button create account :
        my first action must be : Save

        We brainstorm hein.. i am a old school and old man


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          From my experience, Cancel button is usually on the right side and confirm on the left, that when it come to software or application. But look at the forum right now, Cancel is on the left and Post Reply on the right side. So it depend on platform or application.

          Couldn't these just change be done through CSS or Theme edit?


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            Thanks both. Having been working with it solidly for weeks now, and all this weekend, I think I'm getting used to it - and it makes sense that the danger button *isn't* on the right, when you might click on brain auto-pilot and lose some form content accidentally from muscle-memory.

            I'm focused on the data-structures and potential framework teaks for now, but logging observations and ideas here as I go. When I get to some good milestones I'll start contributing back upstream where it's welcome and share the Packs I'm designing for property, financial services, distribution and manufacturing businesses.

            Anyway, nice to meet you all - where's everyone from?

            I'm in Jersey (British but not part of the UK )
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            • espcrm
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              Looking forward to those upstream, especially the Property. Not sure what the other 3 involved but something to look forward to.

              I'm currently use Real Estate (free extension) for Place of Birth and Meeting Location.

              With your avatar + jersey, all I can think of is that "reality tv show".

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            i work for 2 entity in healtcare..
            one entity use "approuved software by gouvernment" but on weakness of all "approuved software" in "administrative task", we use espoCRM for complete the weakness of "approuved software".
            we are something so : "approuved software" <=> "espocrm" <=> "account/contact" and "espocrm" <=> "insurance"

            The question is : why not "approuved espocrm" .. ? because is really pain to obtain a "approuved" .. because all confidential is data, need to interact with gouvernment database.

            From belgium / brussels


            • item
              item commented
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              For sample, i think it's "AS400" .. i receive all month +- 10 files of txt and +- 30mega each .. on one line !
              this is not CSV or ... just text file with many 0 .. to fill all field
              you need to decrypt each record .. (677 char depend of record type).. first 10 char is .. next 2 char is ... next 9 char is ..

              I have resolve this .. i am happy

            • marcusquinn
              marcusquinn commented
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              Very interesting. Perhaps we can put together a cooperative of developers and collaborators to meet these standards, that's the point of open-source after-all, improved by the hive-mind with common interests!

              I'm working on our own setups for now but my experience with these things is to build them anyway, if a client likes the functionality and it is familiar to their industry, they may then assist with the approval part to get a result.

              It seems Salesforce is getting a lot of these gigs through their collective brainwashing that their solution is the only way - but then we know that anything that Salesforce can do can be quickly copied and improved, so I'm looking at examples that way since Espo is so much faster to work with.

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              collaborate, and so .. why not but.. my problem is "procedure/security/law" and ring the right bell ! i have asked for some info, he give me a login/pass to many document (SAML, SSO, certificat, .. and so) .. one give me another login/pass but for what url never know ... then i have understand nothing.. as you understand, it's more "procedure/law/.. some help.." after is basic, authenticate user.. call api with good format (soap or ..).. receive response.. ..

              i have analysed recently a approved software, .. the software is "rigid" and maybe (i am sure) at maximum 20% of capacity of espoCRM out-fo-box !
              you add the extension voip, outlook, advancedPack ..and so .. espoCRM is one million year away

              We have then choose use a approved software from tiers... and let him with all problem law.. and so ... and we ask to him some file or api