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multiple LDAP authentication domain

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  • multiple LDAP authentication domain

    Dear All,

    is possible to have more than one LDAP authentication servers on the same ESPO Instance/Installation?

    We are more than one company working on the same assets (sharing support on the same tickets).
    Any Company have their independent ActiveDirectory.

    Espo Server is installed inside one of this companies, so the espo users are created on the ActiveDirectory of this company (the local AD).

    This works fine, but unfortunately, the user of the remote company cant authenticate with their company account (they use a different ActiveDirectory) but need to use the username/password configured on the remote ActiveDirectory (the local LDAP of the company hosting Espo server) ... (for the moment seems that only one LDAP can be configured on the system).

    It would be very useful to be able to configure more than one ldap for user authentication !!

    Thanks in advance for the support

    Congratulations to everyone for the good job!

    Best Regards

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    I have customized the ldap login function. For each portal user, an ldap configuration can be added, so that different portals can use their own ldap server.
    The configuration interface is shown in the followings.

    But if the system is upgraded, the relevant code needs to be merged after the upgrade.



    • yuri
      yuri commented
      Editing a comment
      The Authentication framework is customizable. It's possible to do it upgrade-safe.