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Can we change "Target Lists" to "Contact Lists" please?

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  • espcrm
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    Hi marcus, it look like you be around for awhile and it good to see new "blood" in the forum. Welcome to EspoCRM by the way. Here is a plugin thread if I haven't post it yet.

    You might find some treasure trove in there.

    From my usage of other CRM system it is also Targets List as well. Some did use Mailing list but I see it less often; there are certain thing that I feel no need to go against the wave for. If there is a need then a personal change can always be use in Label manager.

    The "just fine" part would be part of an opinion, same as your opinions. Personally I see there is no need to change the Label of it, whether it is for technical reason or design reason. But if it does get change to Mailing, I see no significant concern either.

    A Targets in our language doesn't always mean in a bad term, Targets can also mean Goals or Aim, which are both words strongly associate with accomplishment. Wouldn't changing it to mailing be going backward rather than forward considering mail/letter is a dying art form.

  • marcusquinn
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    I'm sure lots of people think something is "just fine", that doesn't mean it couldn't be better, the word is cynical.

    English is a language of subtleties, where we can tell an amount of your education and understanding, or not, from your choice of words.

    The similar but different or "just fine" assumption might not be noticed by second-language users, or those learning English from Americans.

    Would you call your family "Targets" because you are going to treat them as very important people, or give them gifts?

    Target implies something you fire a weapon at, and is a poor Americanism, when there are more suitable synonyms that have broader context.

    This is a target:

  • espcrm
    I think Target fit the term fine, mailing is more associate with mails.

    I use Target for various thing aside from Mailing to them. For example:

    Target List: VIP

    Target List: Holiday gift

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  • marcusquinn
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    Cool, will do that. Still think it would be a good core change too as "targeting" has kinda been turned into a bad word since big-tech went over the top with it.

  • telecastg
    Entity name labels can be changed by creating your own language JSON files.

    For example, to make the changes that you propose for British English, create file:
        "scopeNames": {
            "Target": "Subscriber"
            "Target": "Subscribers"
    The above file will override the core definitions in the file application/Espo/Modules/Crm/Resources/i18n/en_GB.json and will persist after system updates, since they are in the Custom namespace.

    By default, all definitions not specified in a given language (en_GB for example) are taken from the US English file en_US

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  • Can we change "Target Lists" to "Contact Lists" please?

    I think the word "Target" has the wrong sentiment nowadays, and "Mailing Lists" is more appropriate, even though I realist that it can also include other entites.

    Realising you also have the Entity singular "Target" as well, that could be "Subscriber".

    Hopefully you'll trust my native British English on these sorts of wording suggestions, and thanks for understanding.

    Edit: I changed "Contact Lists" to "Mailing Lists" but the forum software won't let me edit the title.
    Last edited by marcusquinn; 01-29-2021, 10:48 PM.