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Custom Colours for Enum Options

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  • Custom Colours for Enum Options

    At present, only a small number of different colours are allowed for enum field types. It would be really nice if a hex colour could be specified as a "custom" option.

    I fully understand that the implications of this are pretty hefty but I don't think its particularly impossible to achieve.

    Will start my investigations...

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    Hi blueprint, I had the same intention too. Haven't have time to play with it yet, but I think this may be a useful resource for you:

    Something to do with Bootstrap if you are familiar with that (CSS?)


    • blueprint
      blueprint commented
      Editing a comment

      I've been thinking about a different implementation than a custom CSS solution though, more the ability to actually specify the HEX colour via the Entity Manager.

      Already about 75% of the way there so will post my update as and when its ready.