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    When I troubleshoot portal or CRM users access rights or other issues, I need a possibility to "login as", to see what users really see. It's important for portal users as well when we are consulting partners or clients how to use our CRM and we can't understand what they are talking about, as we see different views.

    There are no security issue. when when some user "logedin as...." then in security log creates a record and all transactions made of such user might be traceable till logoff or session ends.

    It would help a lot for administrators and back office consultants.

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    What I did for our application is to create a dummy portal user with the same rights as any other portal user and just sign in with those credentials to test implementations. Perhaps you could do the same thing and have some dummy "users" to replicate each custom access rights.


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      Yes, we do the same, but, just to know there are a lot of acces rights interdependence which influence what customer see coming from "portal user", "assigned account"; "assigned contact", roles, teams and etc. To simulate all these conditions it's not so easy and in troubleshooting it's important to have 1:1 to get the same conditions as portal user has.
      yuri might be you have some ideas how to get "Login as..." some portal user functionality in easy way?


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        There's no such ability.