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  • Advanced Pack Office 365 Calendar Sync

    We have been using ESPO and paying for the Advanced Pack for a few years now. We had hoped that integration into Office 365 would eventually happen. While it is not currently stopping us from using Advanced Pack, the question comes up every year as we renew.

    I understand the idea of the Advanced Pack, but it seems extremely limited on the integration to only Google Calendar as many businesses do not use that. Since there is an existing published API for it, I am not asking the world. Just want to justify the annual cost of the Advanced Pack.

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    This is the exact same situation for us. We purchased the advanced pack specifically because we read that 365 integration was in the roadmap and wanted to sponsor the project. Now it sounds like it is no longer on the roadmap.


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      Might be Demand from market could help Development ?


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        Office365 Integration for ODOO CRM costs 650 EUR.
        Integration for SuiteCRM costs $10 per user/month.

        Not sure whether price of advanced pack is not justifiable. I would love to have Office365 integration. But making it demands more resources we constantly lack of. Personally, I have up to 200 items in my todo list for Espo and the list tends to grow.
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          The price of the advanced pack is WAY better than most other CRMs. The fact that you provide this as a free open source CRM and give the option to give us workflows and BPM for the price of $500 a year is amazing. The CRM is, by far, the most customizable of any other. The support is available for most concerns and you give updates monthly.

          I think you have an amazing product with a great price point. Thanks for doing what you do!


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            Also, Zinit has made an Outlook connector for the low price of 900 EUR..


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              I am about to pay for Zinit. I’d prefer to pay Yuri.

              In retrospect advance pack without Office365 is fantastic value so my comment was unfair.

              im much less convinced Zinit’s pricing is as good value.

              yuri you are doing great work and I am doing my best to promote your fantastic product.


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                I wondered why I couldn't find Zenit's integration in Google. They changed the company name, so it's harder to find them for some time. Here's the link for their integration:


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                  I understand, Yuri, on the demand of time, etc. My company develops software as well and I am the lead on it. So believe me, that I understand. However Office 365 is used by way more businesses than use Google. That is a huge market. I don't even mind if it was it's own pack. Is it worth $600, for just calendar integration? No, not really. Especially when they have a published API and it is fairly easy to integrate with. But, in the end, I know there is a lot on your plate and you have to go the direction you see fit. It just seems that with the splitting up of Advanced Pack, it would be a good time to bring a pretty important integration. Just my 2 cents.

                  I do love the work!! We have talked several of our business partners into moving to ESPO over the next year. They love what we have shown them.


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                    Has anyone else used Zenit's Office 365 integration?