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Dashlet: IFrame with variable being passed from Account/Contact

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  • Dashlet: IFrame with variable being passed from Account/Contact

    Is this supported or could it be? Its been in Sugar since day dot and used by many people to surface contextual data within CRM pages.

    For example we store our accounts system Account_ID as a variable within each account. This is passed to a dashlet within the account view page which then presents order history, status etc.

    Kind regards


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    it's not supported


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      Understood, is this something you would consider supporting...? Or can you think of a better way of doing this type of integration?


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        You could try to develop own dashlet or you can do it in other way. It depends on the API of your system


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          Hi Tanya, thanks for replying.
          There are a few Statens we pull data in from. One is MSSQL and one is MySQL. we could connect natively or build restful APIs in front of them.

          is there a framework or any precidense / examples of other users building modules that merge in data from other databases / systems?

          kind regards



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            Better is to do it with restful API, I think.
            the information about EspoCRM API is here, if you want to connect from your other platform, and push it to EspoCRM

            if you want to connect form EspoCRM to your other system -


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              Rather than pushing in data creating duplicates and future sync issues the preference would be to present data from 3rd party systems within Espo?
              i assume this would be by making a custom module. Is this any documentation to support this?
              Are there a precedence for this being done? Is it realistic for core Espo modules to be able to link to data in this new module in an upgrade safe way?


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                There is checking for dupicates, if you create entity with API.

                Any changes, made in custom folder or in your module are upgrade safe