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  • [Mobile] Link adress to GPS

    Hey, Ive tested gogole maps integration and it seems ok but I have a major issue:
    My former CRM was generating gmail calendar events including the account adress wich was used to go by GPS and here clicking on the maps does nothing.
    I've not found any solution to make Espo generate a maps link (for android mainly)

    There is an url wich is "geo:0,0?q=the+address+of+the+company but I have no Idea how to generate this automatically.

    Any indeas?

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    Originally posted by thanassos View Post
    Yay thx for your answer Tanya, I managed to do it with a workflow.
    Last question is pretty the same as my other post here
    I want to be able to click on the address (or a specific button) on mobile to open the GPS app to navigate to the specific address.
    The correct link to have is this : geo:0,0?q=the+address+of+the+company
    I've managed to add the geo: in the url.js view so I am now able so generate a working url field without http:// in front.
    Is there any way to beautify this field and for exemple transfor it in a button or just replace the displayed url by a custom text? (it seems that formulas don't like html code)
    you can create own view of your field and define the template for this field

    override the view of field in entityDefs

    an example of custom view creation -

    as example you can get entity Account field shipping address (
    application/Espo/Modules/Crm/Resources/metadata/entityDefs/Account.json - fields - "shippingAddress"


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      We have done it differently site wide for every adress fields.
      For information if someone is interessed you need to replace the content of this file:

      \client\res\templates\fields\address\detail.tpl :

      <a href="geo:0,0?q={{formattedAddress}}" target="_blank">{{ breaklines formattedAddress }}</a>
      And replace the line 53 in the \client\src\views\fields\url.js

      if (!(url.indexOf('http://') === 0) && !(url.indexOf('https://') === 0) && !(url.indexOf('geo:') === 0)) {
      To prevent ESPO to add http:// before the geo:


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        Better to do this in upgrade-safe way... After upgrade, if this file be included in upgrade, you will lose your customization. I wrote you a link, how to do this