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Better knowledge base access management (docs as well)

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  • Better knowledge base access management (docs as well)

    The current methodology for managing the KB is a bit taxing.

    1. There is no way to limit categories to internal or portal only! If you could set that, it would make the rest much easier.
    2. By default all articles are available to ALL portals and there is no initial way to have an article internal only. The work around is to create a dummy portal and then you have to remember to select it each and every time or you risk an internal article being put out to people you may not want to have it.

    Documents are even worse with even less control. These are two areas that are extremely important for use in portals for us, yet we have to do some major work around to get them to work properly.

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    Item 1. I don't understand why this is needed. If there is no any accessible article in category then this category won't be listed in portal.
    Item 2. As workaround you can add addition status like "Published Internally". I believe this will make a trick.


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      Item 2. Maybe we should change it so that empty portals field will mean no access from any portal.


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        I figured out what you mean on item one, so we are good there. Second one was the main issue.


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          In the next version no specified portals will mean no access from portals.