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  • Searching in streams?

    Is it possible to have the search also look through comments in streams for an item? For example, if you search for a word that's in a comment on an account, that the account shows in the results?

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    For now possible is only filtering stream by type (post or updates), but no searching


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      Same need !
      It could be awesome !

      I am currently Stream for "Contact" and i'd like to be able to search in "Stream flow" :-(

      Because it's not available for now.. I put a big textarea "comment" in which i put all my notes.. (and so, i can search in this field) but it should be more convenient to use the Stream and search string inside :-)

      (This stream search should be available or not regarding ACL (if Stream feature is available or not inside the X page (Contact page for example) for a logged user.. regarding his role etc..)

      Do you have this search feature on the roadmap ?
      Thanks for your hard work !