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  • Predefined countries and regions

    Just started testing the crm yesterday. Really impressive clean and easy to navigate interface.

    The one thing which caught my eye is country entry. In an ideal world allowing users to type it would be enough. Unfortunately users are clumsy. The same countries will get typed in multitude of different ways. Having a drop-down with selection could assure they are entered in a unique way. It's easier to restrict choice once than police users. Unfortunately country names are never constant so it would need a list to edit in settings.

    If you were to add a region option that ties to Country it would help a great deal in analytics. Maybe continents to begin with, but if users could modify their regions and tie countries to them they could analyse their data. It would let you answer a lot of CRM/sales questions outright. What region do we have most contacts at? What is our fastest growing market. Where are the opportunities/leads most fruitful and so forth.

    Of course all this would be a lot of work and it really depends how far you guys want to go into reporting. Just an idea for the future. Great job with the crm anyway!

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    Thank for your feedback. This is already in our roadmap.


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      Would great if select could be searchable for a faster select.


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        Can this feature be used?


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          With a little development


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            Any update about this thing?? Need countries dropdown list.


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            I tried to add 262 countries to autocomplete list in config but it does not work. Is any way to create countries list?