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    Hello Guys,
    i'm working on integration with OpenAI services. It allows to use ChatGPT in formulas. I'm looking for ideas on what you as business owner would use such integration for?
    It's already working on test environment. It can be used by users with Advanced Pack or without as formula. I thought about using it in multiple scenarios:
    1. If someone have Twilio integration, he can send through formula text sms with question to OpenAI and ChatGPT will generate response.
    2. If you have request for proposal in Opportunities, with openAi formula you can send whole question and analyze it with AI to generate response.
    3. If you receive an email, you can send body of email to AI and it can generate response.

    I'm thinking about creating additional entity where users could store all sent requests + another entity with templates to AI. Templates can be used to manipulate responses.
    There is separate formula for DAN (do anything now) which is like a God mode and allow to skip some limits.

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    Hi Emil,
    you killed me
    i was thinking integrate same .. but not time at this moment.
    ours users are very "hard" to use new technology.. so i can't give in real.. but my idea was to do this in stream.
    something so :
    new post on stream :
    #openAI : what'is your name ?
    then response of openAi is there on stream.

    so you follow under Account or in my case Patient.

    so i think, you can "parse post" something
    #openAi : do you know #relationData ?
    so #relationData get data from relate.. before send request to openAI

    I will try, when time with : make a node.js app as "server for response to api of espocrm"
    i believe i can find "database" on the net... but not yet have look forward.


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      Hi emillod and item

      Thank you for your inputs on getting AI into espocrm, We have developed a new module for espocrm named Ebla AI, will be happy to see your feedbacks.

      Hello everyone, I am happy to announce the new module Ebla AI, it is now available on our store, It uses AI to help writing emails, comments, and calculate lead scores or any other fields by formula. Comes with "AI profiles" to help personalise its behavior, a sandbox for testing. Features: AI Profiles Management
      CEO of Eblasoft
      EspoCRM Expert since 2014
      Full Stack Web Developer since 2008
      Creator of Numerous Successful Extensions & Projects​


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        Hi eymen,

        i don't imagine AI in your direction of yours extensions. But of course, many people need this kind of AI.

        For me, it's more a "analyse data in espoCrm" and give a 'comment'.
        I have installed a multiple LLM on ours servers, i will try to send some data of a "Entity and related data" and ask something so : "What do you think about these data ?"

        So is too a add new "record" for his learning. But i think it's out of my skill


        • eymen-elkum
          eymen-elkum commented
          Editing a comment
          Hi Item,

          Yes I agree that the most important is to let AI understand the data in espocrm and so it can answer questions, knowledge base can be one of the most important resources to learn by AI for example.