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BPM - automatic remove of the lead after 'end event'

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  • BPM - automatic remove of the lead after 'end event'

    Hello all,

    unfortunatly I am stuck again on my Flowchart...

    I am looking for a way if the process is ended or about to end the targeted Lead is automatically completely removed.

    Because if the process is ended the lead will become through an api connection automatically a contact, so the Lead Data isn´t of use anymore.

    Anyone knows if or how this is possible?

    kind regards..

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    if i understand the flowchart will convert the lead to a contact and if so then why not just send the created contact to another flowchart and there you can remove the lead. the reason why is to avoid issue when lead is removed and process is still running. another way is to set the flowchart as an action before end (update target record and in formula script set deleted = 1) this should delete the target record which i assume is the lead and then end the process. it is easy t delete any record using the formula script.


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      How we use Espo we can´t convert a Lead to a contact in Espo. Our Contacts are just a mirrored database from another programm, where we need to manually set up our new customers.
      What activity should i use for the second option? Script task? Or in Formular field of exclusive gateway?


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        Ok i think I found it. Jus a normal task, right?


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          It works, thank you!


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            you are welcome
            glad it worked now