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Couple questions regarding workflows

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  • Couple questions regarding workflows

    Hi couple questions regarding workflows.

    1. why the Workflow doesn't work with array? (Enum working)

    2. in the "Actions" i want to create new task, so how i can add my own value(some string here) then copy from field ( like project name or any other field data)?

    for example:
    when new project created, i want to create task to designer

    it would be like:

    please create design for {}

    3. when you plan add support for recurring workflows?


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    Hi Ruslan,

    1. What array? Please describe more detail.
    2. Yes, we have this feature in our road map for workflow. But, I can't say when it will be implemented.
    3. Do you mean "by schedule", e.g. run every day and do some actions? I think in 1.5 months.
    Job Offers and Requests


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      Hi tarasm,

      1. When we create new field to some entity like task,opportunity or custom entity like "project" we can create new field with type "array" (it's the second field in the list of all fields).
      so when i create new field (array) i can't see this field in workflows to make some change to the field.

      2. This feature is one of the important features in the workflow model. because now we are pretty limited to make dynamics workflows (if it can be added in 2015 if will be great for all users that used workflow model).

      3. Yes

      4. When do you plan to add templates for workflows? it will save time when you need to create similar workflows based on template (or clone workflow).

      5. One of the useful things in workflow system is to call to another workflows.
      when we create workflow to do something and this job is done, many times we need to do more jobs after that so to call other workflows make ccomplete solusion and save time.


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        EspoCRM is cool for addressing client base, but why do you expect an advanced workflow functionality there? The first thing I would advise is to find a particular espoCRM integration with other workflow system to meet your needs. We're using with the CRM and it meets all our requirements. Your points 1-5 can be also accomplished there and you can get the full CRM and workflow software functionality.


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          4. I will add an ability to duplicate for the next release.

          5. Maybe it's reasonable. We will think about this.


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            Yuri what about 1 the array bug?

            and great to hear about 4 and 5

            one more thing, can you add ability to call external file or code?
            for example, when some field update or record created the workflow fill call external file or code that will make some work on 3rd party app.


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              Not sure about arrays. Maybe. I recommend to avoid this type of field and use a relationship.

              An ability call custom method is planned to be implemented.


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                any news on new option in the workflow model?



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                  No news yet. We will proceed workflow enhancements soon.


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                    Hi, have you an ETA for the workflows enhancements please?


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                      I have a question on workflow. If I set a condition say change the status of a lead if the date is today and nobody make any change to the lead would the workflow get activated? Or it will only be activated when the record is either saved or created?


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                        we're going to add recurring workflows in a few months

                        Now it only gets activated on record save. In future we will add recurring workflows, so it will be possible to make such a things you described.


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                          I would also like to add to point 2. It should be flexible like in email template where you can insert multiple fields as well as your custom text.


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                            it's about 3 month pass. any news on the workflows update?


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                              We planned to make it after we will release 4.0