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  • Paypal extension idea

    Hello my friends
    i'm working on paid extension which will let users to create a transaction in Espo which will have been pay through PayPal.
    I've already finished these steps:
    1. Extension register transaction as an order and save information about Transaction ID and link Payment URL which can be send to customer(for example through AdvancedPack)
    2. After user open link, he can pay and he'll be redirect to page which is now blank, but i'll add there some nice page in bootstrapp with information about payment;
    3. Extension is checking transaction and mark payment based on information from PayPal;
    4. Extension also save basic information like fees, total after fees etc.
    What do you think about that?
    Of course extension will be connected to SalesPack, there will be possibility to link specific transaction to invoice.
    Short demo:
    Sorry for polish version of Paypal
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    Maybe you could propose also some other payment provider?


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      Hello emillod,
      Nice extension ..congratulation.. ( but not for me because we don't sell "nothing" )
      Another provider, sorry, as i work on "free ehealth domain" ... i can't responds.



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        thanks for comment
        I'm working from 7 hours on subscriptions from Paypal, to add them into EspoCRM I've already finished 2 milestones from 3
        These 7 hours just confirmed to me that EspoCRM is great.


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          I think its a great idea for service or product sellers. In the US another payment application which is very popular is CashApp (it's a pay pal subsidiary).


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            telecastg thank you very much for your comment! You mean this ??

            I'm still thinking should i connect that to salesPack. I don't want to create a wheel from start if Espo devs already created salesPack.