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Advanced Pack: list report print2pdf does not show images

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  • Advanced Pack: list report print2pdf does not show images

    Advanced Pack 2.6.0
    EspoCRM Version 5.9.4


    The headline pretty much describes the problem.

    I have custom reports with images. Works fine on the report list. Does not work on the print2pdf report list.

    Is this a bug of advanced pack? What can I do to make the images show up on print2pdf?

    No difference between version 2.5.4 and 2.6.0


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    I don't have Advanced Pack so not sure but do you need to create PDF Template for this? Or is it automatic created/available to use?


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      Click image for larger version

Name:	report table code.png
Views:	322
Size:	83.2 KB
ID:	64070 Hello espcrm!

      The pdf template is included in Advanced Pack and I am using it, see above image #2.

      I am not a developer but an admin user and do not know how to get access to the html code of this template. To be exact: I dont have access to the html code of the table.

      Thank you!
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        Hello gustavgraz,
        Unfortunately, it is not supported at this moment to show images or any other attachments in the PDF document for Report.


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          Hi Maximus!

          Thank you for the answer!

          Can this feature be set on the list for next upgrade of advanced pack?

          Thank you!


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            Hi, are you able to duplicate it? Can you try copying that code into a new PDF Template and see if you can Print2PDF the report?


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              Hi Maximus ,

              Have you planned to develop this feature in the close future? I need to know if possible please!
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                Hi eymen-elkum
                All I know is our developers will investigate such possibility. More info you can get by contacting yuri.