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    New version 1.12.1

    * Report: Added support of group by Parent fields.
    * Bug: Fixed issue of not working list reports with parent field in columns.


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      New version 1.13.0

      New features:
      * Google Contacts integration. User can push contacts and leads from EspoCRM to Google Contacts.
      * Workflow: Ability to update related entities for many-to-many, one-to-many relationships.
      * Workflow: Ability to send email from system address.
      * Workflow: Ability to send email to parent record.
      * Workflow: ‘Campaign Log Record’ entity type support.
      * Workflow: Ability not to store sent emails.
      * Workflow: Ability to specify users to send email to.
      * Workflow: Ability to send email from System email address.

      Bug fixes:
      * Fixed issue with Workflow’s Send Email action.
      * Fix in Google Calendar sync.
      * Fix list report sorting by link fields.


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        1.13.1 is now available

        * Fixed bug in Workflow.


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          1.14.0 released with small changes and bugs fixed.

          2.15.0 Workflows: Send HTTP Request: Ability to take payload from a formula variable. Send HTTP Request: Increased max length of headers. Send HTTP Request: Fixed application/x-www-form-urlencoded payload. 2.14.1 Supporting custom entity types in Sync Target Lists with Reports. 2.14.


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            1.15.0 released.

            * Workflow: New actions 'Link with Another Entity' and 'Unlink from Another Entity' added.

            Use cases:
            * Add Contact to Target List if specific conditions met.
            * Add opportunity to specific team.
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              We switched to new MailChimp API in 1.16.0 since they are closing the old one on Dec 31. Their new API still is not stable enough and some issues may occur.


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                1.17.0 version is available.

                What's new:

                * Workflow: Ability to define condition as a formula.
                * Workflow: Ability to define formula for entities being created or updated.
                * MailChimp integration: Bugs fixed.


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                  1.18.0 version released

                  * Quotes: Ability to add custom fields for quote items.
                  * Bug fixing in MailChimp integration.


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                    1.20.0 version:
                    * Report: Ability to use filters by Link Multiple fields in nested OR, AND statements (only with EspoCRM 4.6.0 or greater).


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                      Bunch of fixes in 1.21.0 release.

                      See release notes:


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                        Version 1.22.0 released

                        * Report: Ability to specify complex expression with functions as a filter (only with EspoCRM 4.7.0 and greater).
                        * Report: Supporting foreign date, datetime and image fields as columns in list reports.
                        * Workflow: Fixed not properly working conditions w/ Link Multiple fields.

                        Now it's possible to create more complex filters in reports. E.g. showing contacts having birthday today, the next months etc.


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                          Version 1.23.0 is available.

                          * Report: Ability to export grid report results to Excel.
                          * Report: Ability to send report results in email.
                          * Report: Excel file is attached in email when report being sent.
                          * Report: Fixed AVG and MIN functions in total.
                          * Workflow: Added Note entity support.
                          * MailChimp: Ability to map fields for sync.


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                            Fixed charts in excel export in version 1.23.2. Now they are displayed properly.


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                              New version 1.25.0.

                              What's new:
                              * Workflows: Ability to specify Reply-To address in Send Email action.
                              * Workflows: Supporting parent relationship type in Update Related Entity action.
                              * Report: Supporting address fields in list report columns.
                              * Report: Supporting grouping by week (w/ EspoCRM version 4.8.0 and greater);
                              * Report: Supporting WEEK function in complex expressions (w/ EspoCRM 4.8.0 version and greater).
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                                Version 1.25.1

                                * Workflow: Ability to send email to persons linked through Link Multiple field.
                                * Workflow: Ability to send a reply on another email with Send Email action.
                                * Report: Color Picker for Chart Color field (w/ EspoCRM version 4.8.1 and greater).