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Right way to update Advanced Pack?

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  • Right way to update Advanced Pack?


    I'm having a weird experience while updating Advanced Pack.

    1) started with Espo 5.4.3 + AP 1.32.13
    2) installed AP 1.33.5 going to extensions and install again AP loading file 1.33.5
    3) some weird things in quote... i.e. double items section - the first working, the second one below just with + button and dead
    4) i went to extensions and disinstalled AP - which stayed there but not flagged anymore with the install tick and ...
    5) installed AP 1.33.5 it creates a new extension line and installs but still having weird as of point 3

    Whats next? Better to execute remove and reinstall AP after that?

    I see that 1.33 moves things around:
    a) Tryied to fix things restoring layouts to defaults - http://XYZ/api/v1/QuoteItem/layout/listItem goes 404 also api/v1/Quote/layout/detailBottomTotal goes 404
    b) I see a new client/modules/sales sub folder where you moved Quote stuff if I am not wrong..

    So... maybe going from AP 1.32 to 1.33 requires special attention / procedure?

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    Try to upgrade your EspoCRM to the latest version 5.5.5 and check the issue.
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