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  • Business flowchart: issues/questions


    I am creating the following business process / flowchart:

    Trigger: when email (on my personal mail account configured in espo) is received to a specific email address (jobs@....)
    Action block 1a:
    Create Record » Candidate [note: candidate are an entity of type Contact that I use to separate job candidate from business contacts in the CRM]
    Field: Sent By.Email

    Field: Sent By.Name

    CV and Letter
    Field: Attachments
    Assigned User
    Teams :Human Resources

    Action block 1b:
    Create Record » Application [Note: application is a custom entity]
    CV, Motivation Letter, screening and interview reports
    Field: Attachments

    Field: From Name

    Field: Body (Plain)

    Assigned User
    Teams: Human Resources

    The part in red do not work.

    The parts on green work: I can see the records having been created, and the attachments of the emails, if any, are indeed attached to the created record. Neat!

    Question 1: is it normal that the email is then automatically marked as archived?

    The parts in red however do not work. I did manage to have it work sometimes, I can't reproduce however. Maybe it only worked when I first did a workflow (instead of a flow chart)

    Question 2: any hint why this does not work?

    Action block 3:
    Create User Task
    HR Review and link application with vacancy
    Action Type
    Specified User
    Target User
    Target Team
    Human Resources

    This works well :-)

    Question 4: can I create a task that would be visible in the "My Tasks" widget of the user? Because it is currently not. And I would also like to put a due date such as "within 3 days".

    Question 5: I need to create a link between the two objects that I create (in block 1 and 2). How can I do that? The Application object has a field called "candidate" which I can easily fill in. But how can this be automated in block 2, making a link to the record that was just created in block 1?



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    [Updated: I connected block 2 (now 1b) to the trigger event, in parallel to block 1 (now 1a). It works a bit better.

    Still: email and name not collected correctly from the email that triggers the flowchart.


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      - when adding a field in Candidate (custom entity of type Contact) and Application (custom entity), why is the list of available fields so different?

      Create Record » Application
      Field: From String
      => works but gives me First Name Lastname <email....>
      Field: From
      => ok.. but gives me the email address.

      Coonclusion: I believe the issue comes from the types of fields, as defined in the entities. Espo is restricting the dropdown list for selecting fields when creating an action and trying to assigne field value...

      How can we go around this? How can I "force" the assignmnent of "Field: From" to entity field of type Email?


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        Hi Olivier,

        Regarding From Name. Now it's not possible to get from name w/o address part. It should work in the next release. When you get From Name attribute, it will get From String and parse name part from it.


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          Originally posted by yurikuzn View Post
          Hi Olivier,

          Regarding From Name. Now it's not possible to get from name w/o address part. It should work in the next release. When you get From Name attribute, it will get From String and parse name part from it.
          Thanks, so what the correct way today to get email address and name from an email?


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            Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot 2018-12-04 at 11.29.29.png
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            This is what I am trying to make work but it does not.
            Create a candidate (entity of type Contact) and an application (custom entity) from email information.
            Then I would like also to link the two objects together...


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              I am really stuck here if I cannot get name and email address out of the email.

              When I view any email, I can use the top right menu to "Create a Lead" from an email => name and email are correctly retrieved by ESPO and filled in the corresponding fields.

              Why can I not do the same but towards my entities (Candidate or Application)? Candidate is of type Person.. that should be easy..

              Help! :-)


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                Hi Olivier,

                As I stated above it's not possible now at all. Both email address and from name will be available in the next release. Planned for tomorrow, but maybe postponed.


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                  OK now I understand, thank you. Then we'll really look forward to the next release :-)


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                    Release is held over to Thursday - Fridaday.