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comparing year by year sales

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  • comparing year by year sales


    I would like to set up a report which shows me a comparison of sales year by year (last and current year). If I set a grouping by month and a year it doesn't work because month names has additionl information about year. It cause that the same month is showd two times for each year separetly. How can I set two the same months (for two different years) on te same bar?

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    There is no such a feature. I can suggest exporting report resulsts to XLSX and then modifying data in spredsheets.


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      There is a workaround for this. I defined a calculated field which returns the number of the month from invoice date. Now I can group chart as I want. The only issue is that I don't know how to recalculate this field for my old records without changing them.


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        For this create a report, where this month field is empty.
        Create a workflow with trigger type Scheduled, select this report and in action choose the action Update Target Record. And set the same formula, what you set in Entity Manager.
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          It's done and works perfectly.
          By the way, it so great that you can create solutions which seemingly doesn't exist, and all only by using other functionality.