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  • Folder "custom" to an extension


    is possible to create an extension from folder "custom" in EspoCRM? For example, you made some implemtation for client on test server and you want to easily migrate all the modifications to their production server. What is the easiest way to migrate custom content? Can we download the folder "custom" and add it to /files/ folder to .zip extension, so we could only install extension and all the content would install automatically? Thank you

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    Extensions allow you to add extra functionality to EspoCRM. They can be installed by Administrator panel under Customization section. We will show you how to create the extension package of Project Management (PM) module described in this post Customization: How to create custom entity.

    you can add custom folder in files in your extension. And your extension will add your custom folder from extension to your new crm... but if this crm is not new (customized somehow), you can lose some of customization.


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      Yes, I am asking because I tried to do it a few weeks ago, and after installing an .zip extension with content from another EspoCRM instance a 403 error came up on whole hosting. Package was installed sucessfully, but EspoCRM was under 403 forbidden. It was downloaded folder "custom" from FTP from another instance and then added to /files/ to extension package. I had to reinstall whole CRM to remove 403 error. Are you familiar with this situaton? That after installing some extension a 403 error comes up? Thank you


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        403 - Permission conflict. Forbidden action or file. Did you check permissions? Or maybe Roles


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          Do you mean permission in administration or in some files in the extension? I was normally logged under administrator -> Extensions -> Install -> Uploaded .zip archive -> Successfully installed and then forbidden error came up. Is it possible that it caused that the content in /files/ in extension was from EspoCRM 5.0.4 and I was installing it in 5.1.2? Because I had prepared modifications for client on testing instance running on 5.0.4 and his production instance was 5.1.2, so I wanted to easily download the customized contect, pack it in extension and install it to his instance without doing all the modifications again in his Espo. Thank you


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            For this better to create a module. but not forget to replace the namespaces.