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How to create a workflow triggered by incoming e-mai

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  • How to create a workflow triggered by incoming e-mai

    Hello. I need to create the following workflow: when an e-mail comes, that meets certain criteria (subject field contains certain words and has attachment), a certain action (change tag) should be done to the e-mail recipient (Contact).

    I am confused: what should be Target Entity and Trigger Type?
    If Target Entity is Contact, then what is the Trigger? There is only "record created" and "record saved", no "New e-mail received".
    If Target Entity is Email, then what should be the Action? There is "Update Related Record", but ContactTag is not on the list of such records.

    Thank you in advance. I'm new to this logic and so far it seems quite confusing.

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    Update Related Record > Parent > Contact


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      Thank you! But now I have a whole bunch of new questions regarding your example.

      1) Why "after record saved", not "after record created'? What's the difference?
      2) Why the formula "isBeingImported && entity\isNew() ?
      3) How do I specify "subject contains certain words"? I only see "Name (Subject) equals, not equals, empty or changed" in Conditions.


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        Email importing process contains few saving. With this condition you work with complete imported email


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          Thank you, that explains it. What about question 2 (why do I need the formula) and question 3 (how to specify part of the subject string)?


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            2) as I told before, Email importing process contains few saving. For each this saving entity\isNew() (entity is new (just created)), but the flag isBeingImported is not set. Only when the import process complete, this flag comes true. If you want to trigger your workflow for Email once, after record fetched completely (all the fields and relations are set), you need this condition.

            3) you need to develop this formula function. The tutorial is here

            after all your condition will set in formula part

            isBeingImported && entity\isNew() && string\contains(name, 'Your filtering text')