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Changing Lead->Lead Source labels sitewide

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  • Changing Lead->Lead Source labels sitewide

    Good day,

    I was initially looking to add more fields to the Lead Source selection field under the Lead record.
    However, I'm not able to find anything that would allow me to add more options to the Lead Source selection.
    The only way I was able to make it work is by changing Labels instead of adding more fields.
    However, when I generate Reports by Lead Source it still displays the original Labels and not the ones i've rename them with.

    Two questions:
    a) How do I add more fields to Lead Sources?
    b) If I can't, how do I change field Labels site wide?

    Let me know!

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    If you need to add options to lead source, go to Administration > Entity Manager > Lead > Fields > source
    If you want to modify any Label, go to Administration > Label Manager
    If you create a grid report for lead and group by source, and some option has the summing value 0, it could be not shown.
    But if we talk about reports, created by you. Some default reports, available after installation could have other logic