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  • Reports - After X Days

    Good Day Community,

    I'm trying to create a report that shows records X Days in advance of the day that we run the Report I.E I want to see records that Renew in 45 Days from today. I don't see any Option that Allows me to do that. Now Keep in mind that the report will be used in a Workflow scheduled to run every Sunday Night. That said I can not use any Report Runtime Filter.

    Any Hint will be appreciated.

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    Select in filter area your date field and select option "Last X day". "Report sending" feature uses filters, but ignores runtime filters.


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      Hey tanya thanks for the hint, but it does not work. The report should show record for entities that "renew" 45 days from the day that the report is run. For the sake of simplicity lets say that I need to see the entities that renews on March 2017? How I can accomplish this with reports?


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        It will be implemented in the next version of EspoCRM I think.


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          Hi Yuri thanks for the respond. I think it is a must have option for reporting. Let hope that it can be incorporated on the next release -- Thanks!