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  • yuri

    Sales Pack doesn't have a functionality for manufacturing (Bill of Materials). Maybe in the future we will consider implementing.

    It's possible to track inventory quantities (requires enabling in settings and marking a product "Is Inventory" The tracking is implemented by use of transactions. Transactions are created when you deliver and receive products (by using Delivery Orders and Receipt Orders entity types).

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  • JBaker
    started a topic Sales Pack Product

    Sales Pack Product

    First thanks for a great CRM!

    Now the question. We are a manufacturer who has both raw material inventory and finish product inventory. Is there a place in the product to specify quantities per purchase? As and example a vendor sells to us by a box of 1,000 pieces. We receive into inventory 1 box. But in the manufacturing process we use 4 pieces from the box per finished product X. When client orders 1 finish product X we would want to reflect that we now have 996 items left in inventory instead of a fractional amount.

    Thanks in advance for your comments.