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Problems with deleted entity

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  • Problems with deleted entity

    I had a custom entity that I deleted in the Administration Panel. I also removed all the files in the custom/... folders and rebuilt the backend.
    Now I have the problem that users that had access to this entity get an error when logging in:

    ERROR: (0) Access checker is not implemented for 'Juryvote'

    I searched all my files and found content in some cache files (metadata.php) - e.g.:

    'juryvotes' => [
    'type' => 'hasMany',
    'foreign' => 'application',
    'entity' => 'Juryvote',
    'audited' => false,
    'isCustom' => true

    I tried to manuelly remove these objects from the json but it seems to reappear.

    Any idea where to find the remaining pieces of my dead entity?
    I checked the roles in the database, but there is nothing here pointing to "Juryvotes".

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    Look into your database, as there might be tables, that were not deleted.