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  • Import entity html support in column


    When i try to import csv file to espocrm entity, and one of my csv column contain html <br>
    after import it being converted to &lt;br&gt; ( espocrm choose column during pmapping step was text type )

    I have tried also create new column type: Wysiwyg
    but that column was not avaialbe in dropdown during import mapping step.

    Dose anyone met same issue ?
    and how to resolve it ?

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    I can confirm that behaviour. I solve it by loading the csv file in Excel (might be possible with other programs too) and process a search/replace command in Excel, like search for <*>, replace by (nothing). That strips any HTML Tag from the file.
    The text between the HTML-Tags will be preserved.


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      Thanks for replay shalmaxb,

      But the thing is i want to keep <> them
      And have line break (as <br> dose line break)


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        This will not be possible with csv, because csv interprets everything as plain text.
        And if you import HTML Tags to a given WYSIWYG field, there in case of <br>it will be converted to &lt;br&gt; This is a behaviour of the editor in this field. I don`t know, if there is a solution to that.


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          I have never tried this but perhaps it will work:

          1) Convert the CSV HTML tags to markdown language using an external library like this or an online service and import into a field type "text"

          2) Expo will render plain text with markdown correctly and you will be able to preserve basic formatting like line break