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  • Manipulate Email Head Area

    We are trying to send mass emails using our brand email template that contains style information etc. in the head area. Is there any way to include this to espo crm mails? Would be ideal to be able to customize it depending on some parameter (e.g. Team or User assigned to this Mail Template)

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    Hello Barbara,

    You can create several Email Templates in the EspoCRM. It is a built-in function which you can find at the page Emails > drop-down on top-right corner > Email Templates. They can be used both for mass email sending and for regular emails. More about this built-in function you can find here:


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      Hi, thanks for your reply. We use Email Templates, but as we want to use some complex design we need to add some <style> tags. If I include them directly into the editor they get erased by Summernote. I also think that the html body part of the email html is not the best place for putting css information, it should be located above the body tag.

      <head>This is where I would like to place the style information</head>
      <body>This is where Summernote Content is located</body>


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        If you want to style it outside of what Summernote can do, then you have to change the engine.

        There is a few thread here and there that discuss in on the surface but no (maybe I skimmed this) in depth discussed on how-to. I think the discussion was more on PDF Template/Engine than the HTML/email function though.

        Moving forward, I guess only Pull Request to EspoCRM itself or custom code it yourself for private use is the only way. I haven't been looking at Github lately but I doubt Yuri have plan at the moment for the email template.