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Problem with link of an entity in Account

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  • Problem with link of an entity in Account


    I have an issue with grabbing informtion of reseller in the invoice entity:

    i have link Account to reseller : One reseller has Many account
    and linked invoices to Reseller : One reseller Has Many Invoices
    and Account to invoices : Many to one

    the problem is we are trying to fetch the reseller's name which was attributed in the account , to be shown in the invoice , and i m not sure how can I do ?
    i tried formula's but i see no reaction because the reseller is a link and could get the proper value

    if anyone has a hint on how to solve it

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    You creating a PDF for these right? Posting your current template might help.

    Have you read through these yet:

    As I don't have Invoices extension, my guess it would be somethings like this:



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      thank you i already solved on the workflow , but still stuck on the invoice items ,
      the link you sent is to create /update Related record ??!