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Starting to make edits, need help

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  • Starting to make edits, need help


    I'm trying to start adding some custom content. I'm following the guide here:
    I've just tried the first section, adding the controller json in custom/Espo/Custom/Resources/metadata/clientDefs/Account.json and the javascript in client/custom/src/controllers/account.js

    However, when I try to browse to http://localhost/espocrm/#Account/hello I get a 404, even with a Shift-F5. (http://localhost/espocrm/#Account and the rest of the application is working fine)

    Screenshot of my folder structure attached:

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    I had to run clear_cache.php from a command line and it's picking up my changes now.

    EDIT: odd, I've seen a few place say to do that from the admin menu, but it doesn't work if I do it from there.
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      To clear cache and rebuild, which is a necessary step to make ‚Äč‚Äčcustomization changes take place, you go to Administration >> Rebuild

      Click image for larger version

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        Hi Battle, you seem new here, welcome to the Forum. Firstly allow me advert the unofficial wiki
        which is just bunch of thread/post relating to certain thing that I find is good (and there is a solution for).

        More importantly, I recommend you doing a search for "telecastg" or "tutorial" on that page, he create quite a few thread with how-to-code. You can probably do code yourself but it good to reference where all different file are located if you are new to developing for Espo.

        PS: I'm just a regular user like you and not part of the official team. Anyway looking forward to any contribution you may bring to the community.