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Customizing the detail Edit view of the lead entity.

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  • Customizing the detail Edit view of the lead entity.

    I am trying to customize the views/record/edit for the lead entity. When the record is getting created I need to hide all the unnecessary fields (fields with a default value, enum, etc) from UI so that it is easy for the users to fill only a few needed fields.

    I did the following,

    Created a custom view for lead entity: /espocrm/client/custom/src/views/lead/record/edit.js
        define('custom:views/lead/record/edit', 'views/record/edit', function (Dep) {
            return Dep.extend({
                // My own code to hide some fields.
    The view is defined under the clientdef: /espocrm/custom/Espo/Custom/Resources/metadata/clientDefs/Lead.json

            "views": {
                "edit": "custom:views/lead/record/edit"
    Now, this was working fine in ESPOCRM 5.9.4. Now after upgrade (6.0.9) the same function pushing the side panel of the lead detail view to the bottom on edit only.
    The detail view is working fine. Only on edit, the side panel is moving down. That too its is only for the lead. The same function with Contact detail edit mode is working fine.
    I have attached the images.

    yuri Any idea why it is happening?
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