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    How do I create a static page (like About Page) and have it show up in the drop down menu (top right, 3 dots)

    I can duplicate the About page and rename it, but not sure on how to establish the drop down link, Thanks

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    I haven't created a custom link for that menu, but the script that controls that area of the screen is so maybe you can check it out and see how it can be done.

    If you are going to modify this script and want to keep it "upgrade safe" you will need to create an extended script in the "custom" namespace.

    Check this post for instructions to modify navbar.js in an "upgrade safe" way.

    Glad that you are liking Espo is not only a great CRM but also a great platform for developing custom applications
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      I think eymen-elkum had some kind of extension for menu. I'm not sure if his extension allow for creating custom links, but maybe?
      Basically you should create custom view for this page. But i'm not sure what next. I think page about is good idea for tracking, you could search in files.


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        Thanks for the reference emillod

        I have an extension to make pages that even translatable, but the links menu will be located on the footer, the pages will be loaded depending on the user language,

        If there is no translate for the user language for this page then the default language will be loaded.

        One more is that you can let the user see the pages even before login (Public Access)

        We also have another extension NavPro that allow to add custom links to the tab list in the user interface then you can add links to the pages from that extension.
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