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    I am currently trying to create a process that requires a function with filter by the checklist field.
    I didn't find any information in the documentation or here, so I am wondering is it at all possible to filter by the checklist type of the field? Would be extremely grateful for your help.

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    According to this post, the checklist field is searchable. Haven't tried it myself but item is very knowledgeable so I trust his opinion


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      item commented
      Editing a comment
      Lolll telecastg, .."knowledgeable" humhum..
      i search and found 2 mismatch in code and have posted to yuri .. now my select manager work
      So i can now search more in depth
      checkList is so in database, ["A","C"]. ...
      i brainstorm : need to extract in array and make something in_array.. or make a groupBy with distinct id ?

      AdvancedPack report as "string" these kind of field .. sample
      1 record : ['A'] => count(1)
      1 record : ['A','B'] => count(1)
      2 record : ['C', 'D'] => count(2).
      1 record : ['C', 'D', 'E']. => count(1)

      what we will is :
      A => count(2)
      B => count(1)
      C => count(2)
      D => count(3)
      E => count(1)
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    Not find
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