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  • simple popup for notifications


    Im trying to integrate the query Growl plugin along with the EspoCRM notifications.. Coz currently the users are unaware when there is a new notification. i wanted to see if its possible to integrate that Growl plugin so once the user logs in all the unread notifications will appear as a small popup.

    Is this something can be done? if yes, can someone guide me how it can be done?


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    I think murugappan previously tried to do something like this (not Growl specifically); you can check his thread for some information:

    Otherwise I think you would need to acquire a developer/coder service, not unless you can doe yourself as I don't remember any (recent) thread dealing with this topic.


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      Im trying customize and more about the crm. If someone could point me on like file i should look into if im making a change, it will be really helpful...

      I see there are some calls to api/v1/Activities/action/popupNotifications and api/v1/Notification/action/notReadCount but when i go to the api/v1 folder there is nothing useful execpt for portal files


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        This is the program flow for the API call api/v1/Activities/action/popupNotifications

        application/Espo/Modules/Crm/Controllers/Activities.php actionPopupNotifications()
        application/Espo/Modules/Crm/Services/Activities.php getPopupNotifications($userId)

        and this is the program flow for the API call api/v1/Notification/action/notReadCount

        application/Espo/Controllers/Notification.php actionNotReadCount()
        application/Espo/Services/Notification.php getNotReadCount($userId)

        As I understand, in general, API calls invoke a back end controller which then calls for a service class to execute the requested action. The back end controller location is determined by a router which finds the correct namespace and script.

        If you want to find more information about scripts location and program flows you can also check this thread.

        I am going to copy this post there too.
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          I found more information about how popup notifications are generated, opened a new thread to facilitate forum search, you can check it here: